July 31 - The Growing Municipal Bankruptcy Crisis; Who is Hiding Trillions Offshore; Escape From a North Korean Gulag

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Part 1

We begin with an analysis of what is behind the rash of municipal bankruptcies which could lead to a crippling debt crisis at the state and local level where most Americans receive their essential services. Robert Johnson, the Executive Director of the Institute for New Economic Thinking joins us to discuss this growing crisis and what to do about it. He has an article with Thomas Ferguson at the Los Angeles Times “Municipal Bankruptcy: The Lessons of California”. robert johnson


Part 2

Then we examine the world of hidden money and the extent to which Mitt Romney has used offshore tax havens to shelter some of his money. James Henry, an economist and investigative journalist who was the former chief economist at McKinsey and Company and is the lead researcher on the Tax Justice Network’s recent report, “The Price of Offshore Revisted”, joins us.

james henry


Part 3

Then finally, as floods ravage the nuclear-armed but impoverished and food-deficient North Korea, we are joined in the studio by Blaine Harden, the author of a new book “Escape From Camp 14: One Man’s Remarkable Odyssey from North Korea to Freedom in the West”, a story that sheds new light on the repressive conditions inside the hermit kingdom of the God-like new boy leader Kim Jong Eun, which is about the only person born in a North Korean labor camp to have escaped and survived.

blaine harden
  MUSIC: M. Ward - Post-War; The Beatles - Taxman; Fionn Regan - Campaign Button; Bob Dylan - I Shall Be Released