July 25 - Rise of the Radical Right; A Christian Jihad in the US?; Pakistan: Playing with Fire

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Part 1

In the wake of the targeted massacre in Norway, we begin with an analysis of the relationship between the resurgence of far-right extremism and political violence. Jonathan Birdwell, a researcher on the Violence and Extremism Program at Demos in London, joins us to discuss how the extreme right in Europe has not only become more palatable, but they have already exerted a gravitational pull on the center, with British Prime Minister Cameron and German Chancellor Merkel both recently proclaiming the death of multiculturalism.

Part 2

We examine further the rise of the radical right and Christian fundamentalism here in the United States with Frank Schaeffer, the son of one of the founders of the religious right.  He discusses the dangerous notion pervasive on the religious right amongst Christian fundamentalist and some Tea Party activists, that equates godliness with a hatred of government.

Part 3

We talk about a nuclear-armed country at war with itself, Pakistan. Washington Post correspondent Pamela Constable, the author of a new book Playing With Fire, joins us to explain a country she has reported on extensively, one that is riddled with corruption, devastated by natural disasters and terrorized by Islamic extremists.