July 19 - Rupert Murdoch Called on the Carpet

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Full Program


Part 1

First we went to London and spoke with the Deputy Editor of the British satirical magazine Private Eye, Francis Wheen. We looked into the testimony of Rupert and James Murdoch and Rebecca Brooks before the U.K. House of Commons Culture Committee which went from humble to pie in as much as Rupert Murdoch went out of his way to express humility and say how he was humbled by the hacking scandal. Then later in the hearing, one Johnnie Marbles attacked him with a pie made of shaving cream.


Part 2

We examine further the inquiry into the activities of News International and the Murdoch media empire with media critic Robert McChesney, the author of “The Death And Life of American Journalism” and “Will The Last Reporter Turn out The Lights: The Collapse of Journalism and What we can do about it”. We not just discussed the events in London, but the influence here in the United States of Rupert Murdoch on journalism and the media.