July 19 - Ann Romney's Marie Antoinette Moment; Our Terrorists and Their Terrorists; The Worst Drought Since 1956; The Geopolitics of Drought and Food Prices

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Part 1

We begin with today’s headline that 50% of the population, that’s half of the people in this country, have only 1% of America’s wealth. The Washington Bureau Chief for Alternet, Adele Stan, joins us to discuss Ann Romney’s Marie Antoinette moment where she told ABC’s Robin Roberts that “we’ve given all you people need to know about our financial situation and about how we live our life”. adele stan


Part 2

Then as many celebrate the terrorist bomb that killed members of the Syrian dictator’s inner circle, we look into the double standard in terrorism where many prominent Americans from Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani to Governors Rendell and Howard Dean have taken money from the Iranian MEK, designated by the U.S. Government as a terrorist group. Jeremiah Goulka, who has an article at the American Prospect “Caught in a Bad Alliance”, joins us to discuss Israel’s and the neocon’s favorite terrorists.



Part 3

Then we look into the worst drought since 1956 that is devastating corn and soybean crops and causing the price of corn to go up more than 50% in the last four weeks. Purdue University Agronomist Tony Vyn joins us to discuss the impact of the drought on food prices and food security.

tony vyn


Part 4

Then we explore the global impact of droughts in the United States, Russia, the Ukraine and Australia on the global prices and availability of food. Eric Holt-Gimenez, the Executive Director of Food First and the Institute for Food and Development Policy joins us to discuss the geopolitics of drought that could lead to instability and revolutions.

eric holt giminez
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