July 17 - Murdoch's Crumbling Empire; Elizabeth Warren Passed Over; A View from Cairo

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Full Program


Part 1

With the arrest of Rupert Murdoch’s protégé Rebecca Brooks, we begin with the unfolding scandal that appears to be tearing the News Corp Empire and the Murdoch family apart. Journalist, editor, and award winning author James Fallows joins us. He is the National correspondent of the Atlantic and we will discuss the apparent payback the political kingmaker is getting in England where the spell has been broken as politicians no longer fear Murdoch and his minions.

Part 2

We look into the non-appointment of Elizabeth Warren to head up the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau she founded which opens on Tuesday with a new person in charge, former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray.  With the Republicans apparently determined to scuttle the new bureau, we look into the battle shaping up next week in Congress with Jennifer Taub, professor at the Vermont Law School, whose forthcoming book is titled, The Great Betrayal: How Washington Bailed Out Wall Street and Left Main Street Under Water.

Part 3

Yasmine El Rashidi joins us. She has an article in the current edition of the New York Review of Books, “Egypt: The Victorious Islamists.” We will discuss the stalled revolution and as the ruling Egyptian Military Council maneuvers with the Muslim Brotherhood to deny the revolutionaries the fruits of their victory in Tahrir Square.