January 28 - Who Put the Fix in to Save Wall Street From Prosecution?; No End in Sight in Syria; Republicans Plan to Rig the Vote in Swing States

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Part 1

We begin and get an update from William K. Black who just returned from the World Economic Forum in Davos. Since he was the chief prosecutor who jailed hundreds of bankers responsible for the Savings and Loan disaster of the 1980’s, we also discuss the fallout from a recent FRONTLINE documentary examining why no Wall Street bankers have gone to jail for creating the great recession that has impoverished millions of Americans.  And we'll look into the appointment of the new head at the Securities Exchange Commission. bill black


Part 2

Then, as Israel deploys its Iron Dome anti-missile system on the Syrian border, we examine Iran’s determination to prop up the Assad dictatorship and the role of their proxy Hizbollah inside Syria. Aram Nerguizian, an expert on Syria at the Center for Strategic and International Studies joins us to explain the strategic landscape in this increasingly complex proxy war that is destroying Syria, turning its citizens into refugees, and has no end in sight.


Part 3

Then finally we examine a Republican scheme to rig the Electoral College so that the loser can win the next presidency. Robert Richie, the co-founder and Executive Director of FairVote joins us to discuss the recent failed Republican effort in Virginia to rig the vote in their favor and plans to enact so-called electoral college “reform” in the other key swing states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Ohio.

rob richie