January 26 - The Rapid Spread of the Zika Virus; The Accuser Becomes the Accused In the Texas Planned Parenthood Case; The Pope's Meeting With Iran's President

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Part 1

We begin with the rapid spread of the mosquito-borne virus, Zika, that has caused birth defects in a number of babies born in Brazil, the Caribbean and Central America causing alarm among pregnant women and prompting the government of El Salvador to urge women to delay pregnancy for a year or so until the virus and the mosquitos that spread them are brought under control. One of the world’s leading virologists, Dr. Ian Lipkin, the Director of the Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia University joins us to discuss how fast the virus is spreading and the need for urgent research into how it infects the fetus and what can be done to both treat and prevent it.

Part 2

Then we examine the surprising reversal in a case brought against Planned Parenthood based on a bogus sting video manufactured by anti-abortion activists that has the accusers becoming the accused as a Republican prosecutor in Harris County, Texas indicts David Daleidan and Sandra Merritt for the felony of tampering with government records and the misdemeanor for the purchase and sale of human organs. Eesha Pandit, a Houston-based writer, activist and consultant for social justice organizations joins us to discuss this rare victory against the war on women being waged by Texas Republicans.

Part 3

Then finally, with the Pope meeting today with Iran’s President Rouhani, we speak with Nader Hashemi, the Director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Denver. He joins us to discuss the Pope urging the Iranian leader to help combat terrorism and the power struggle underway in Iran over who can run in the next parliamentary elections and who will succeed the ailing Supreme Leader.