January 17 - Taking on a Congress in the NRA's Pocket; An African Perspective on Mali; "Money Out/Voters In" "Day of Action"

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Part 1

We begin with the overheated reaction to the President’s gun control initiative from members of Congress and speak with Jonathan Lowy, the Director of the Legal Action Project at the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, to assess the chances of Congress passing any measures that would curb the epidemic of gun violence in America.


jonathan lowy


Part 2

Then, with the arrival of West African troop in Mali following a military deployment by the French, we discuss an intervention that the West sees as a war against Al Qaeda and Malians see as a war against the Tuareg. Nii Akuetteh, an independent African policy researcher joins us to discuss what is at stake in the region where an attempt by the Algerian military to rescue Western hostages taken in retaliation against the French, resulted in many killed in the crossfire and some missing.

nii akuetteh


Part 3

Then finally we are joined in the studio by three campaign finance reform activists who are part of this weekend’s “Money Out/Voters In” “Day of Action” that will take place in 76 cities and 33 states on the third anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling. Mary Beth Fielder, the founder of the Los Angeles Money Out/Voters In Coalition and Kai Newkirk, a founding organizer of 99Rise and Lauren Windsor the host of The Undercurrent, a grassroots political TV web-show on the Young Turks Network, discuss the upcoming day of action.

mary beth fielder


lauren windsor