January 13, 2011 - Obama's Speech and American Politics; Lebanon and Hezbollah

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Part 1

Congressman Bob Filner discusses the current political climate.

A 1961 Freedom Rider who confronted angry Tea Party mobs on election night 2010, Filner has had long experience with the effects of vitriolic speech.

Bob Filner

Part 2

Common Cause President and former Congressman Bob Edgar analyzes the state of poltical discourse and the continuing power of monied interest in politics. Bob Edgar

Part 3

Presidential historian Allan Lichtman, author of The Keys to the White House, places Obama's Tucson speech into context. Allan Lichtman

Part 4

Thanassis Cambanis, author of A Privilege to Die, talks with Ian about the current situation in Lebanon and Hezbollah's role in the fall fo the government. Thanassis Cambanis