The Heist In Plain Sight

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When the guy cutting your hair offers his considered opinion that “we’ve got to do something about the deficit” you know the mind of America is seriously twisted.  How could working Americans and the middle class have fallen for the con that there is a deficit crisis and that it’s their responsibility to fix it?

Without the slightest notion that George W. Bush single-handed ran up one third of the national debt, and combined with his father and Ronald Reagan they are responsible for a half of the $14.3 trillion debt accumulated over the entire life of the Republic, hitting the debt ceiling is suddenly my problem. 

And although in the real world we have a revenue crisis, not a deficit crisis, the political landscape laid out by the Republicans and reinforced by the mainstream media, has everyone accepting that we can’t raise taxes to generate revenues to pay down the deficit, we have to cut spending.

This is the most flagrant in-your-face robbery and brazen act of class warfare that any democracy has ever accepted, but the top one percent and their political hirelings are pulling it off.  The beneficiaries of decades of tax breaks that have demonstrably widened the income gap to where America has the greatest disparity in wealth on the planet, apparently have got the poor overburdened taxpayer to take up the deficit challenge and shoulder it alone.

The Republicans, who are likely to pick up the Senate next year, have drawn the line on no taxes and will not budge. Raising revenues are off the table, so that means cut only.  So the rich who pay little to no taxes, who are largely responsible for the economic collapse, who were made whole by the taxpayer and are better off than ever, are telling the rest of us to tighten our belts. 

Telling us we should sacrifice our Social Security and Medicare so that their tax breaks can go on forever, and if Congressman Ryan, who wants to cut Medicare gets his way, their taxes will be lowered even further.

Meanwhile the surplus wealth the one percent have stashed offshore, in hedge funds and in other Wall Street “instruments”, is working overtime to further impoverish the working stiff at the gas pump and kitchen table as more wealth is transferred from the poor to the rich through commodity speculation.  This unfettered predation is slowing down the anemic economic recovery and it could lead to a double-dip recession which will no doubt help the Republican get elected next year while hurting the rest of us.   

If we had a full recovery and the 13.7 million out of work were paying taxes, the deficit would cease to be an issue overnight.  That is how phony it is, because it is the idle poor who need work not the idle rich who need more tax breaks. 

Stimulus not austerity is how you get demand back into the economy, unless of course the infamous Citibank memo cited in Michael Moore’s “Capitalism” movie has come to pass.  A government of the wealthy, by the wealthy and for the wealthy where the plutonomy can get by without working stiffs going to the mall.  In other words, the plantation economy that Warren Buffet warns we are heading into.

This will mean the final triumph of money over votes and the ultimate success of Fox News and other class war propaganda outlets who will have finally turned logic on its head.  Having convinced the guy who cuts my hair, they will have convinced the rest of working America that the “freedom” of a hedge fund billionaire to pay less in taxes than his secretary, also makes them free. 

Free to strive for the American dream that is no longer attainable, because our game show democracy is rigged with meritocracy a sham.  And once the land of the free is fully privatized by inheritors and investors, and the home of the brave rented out to suckers and slaves, will the rest of the huddled masses yearn to breathe free?