February 6 - Trump Trashes Allies While Making Excuses for Enemies; Another Trump Betrayal, His Chair of the FCC; A Senate "Talk-a-Thon" to Stop Billionaire Betsy DeVos From Becoming Education Secretary

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Part 1

We begin with the unease in foreign policy circles and among leaders of long-time allies of the U.S. about Donald Trump’s undiplomatic approach to international relations and the anti-democratic, pro-authoritarian leanings of his chief strategist Stephen Bannon who appears more and more to be the power behind the throne. A veteran diplomat, Ambassador Peter Galbraith, who was also a professor of National Security Strategy at the National War College and is the author of “Unintended Consequences: How War in Iraq Strengthened America’s Enemies”, joins us to discuss the “dissent” memo signed by 1,000 Foreign Service Officers objecting to Trump’s Muslim ban. We also try to analyze why Trump trashes America’s closest allies while going out of his way to make excuses for a leader not widely seen as friend of the U.S., Russia”s President Putin, who along with meddling in our elections, has been accused of financing far-right white nationalist parties in Europe to undermine democracy and pluralism.


Part 2

Then, as Trump moves to gut financial reforms aimed at protecting retirees from being ripped off by crooked financial advisors, we will look into Trump’s latest betrayal of his supporters as the new head of the FCC stops discounted high speed internet service to low-income working families while preparing to kill net neutrality rules that ensure equal access to content on the internet. Matt Wood, Policy Director at Free Press joins us to discuss the aggressive agenda of a former lawyer for Verizon, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who promised transparency but has already acted swiftly and in secret.

Part 3

Then finally as Democrats tie up the Senate in a day and night-long “talk-a-thon” in the hope that one more Republican Senator will break ranks and bite the hand that feeds them by rejecting the nomination of a billionaire Republican donor Betsy DeVos, who Trump wants as his Secretary of Education. Mitchell Robinson, chair of music education at the Michigan State University College of Music who has written extensively about Betsy DeVos’s lavishly-financed campaigns against public education in Michigan, joins us.