February 19 - JCS Chairman Warns it is "Not Prudent" to Strike Iran; Pulitzer-Prize-Winner on the History of the FBI; Overturning Corporate Personhood

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Part 1

We begin with an analysis of two big stories in the news, one the lead article in the New York Times “Rising Gas Prices Give GOP Issue to Attack Obama”, and the Chairman of the Joint Chief’s General Dempsey’s warning on CNN that an Israeli Strike on Iran is “not prudent”. David Rothfopf, the CEO and Editor-At-Large of Foreign Policy magazine joins us to tie these threads together to determine whether the Republican Party, in this election year, could be both the fire brigade and the arsonist, if gas prices spike later in the year and they profit from it.

david rothkopf


Part 2

Then Pulitzer-prize-winning New York Times reporter Tim Weiner joins us. He has a new book just out, “Enemies: A History of the FBI”. We look into the bureau which is largely seen as America’s police force, but is in fact primarily an intelligence agency, and we examine the recent and past history of the FBI and the abuses of power that its founder J Edgar Hoover exercised over the many decades.

tim weiner


Part 3

Then finally, with the Supreme Court looking at Montana’s challenge to “Citizens United”, former Massachusetts Assistant Attorney General Jeff Clements joins us to discuss whether the Supreme Court is poised to revisit “Citizens United” as well as his latest book, just out, “Corporations Are Not People” which offers a roadmap for citizens to overturn a ruling that has led to the wholesale buying of our elections by powerful corporations and wealthy individuals.

jeffrey clements