December 29 - The Multi-Billion Dollar Swindle of the Taxpayer; "American Coup"; International Blowback that is Hurting American Business

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Part 1

Today we focus on the leaks from the NSA contractor Edward Snowden that dripped out during 2013 and have shaken up the national security establishment causing repercussions to our foreign policy abroad and blowback to American businesses around the world. We begin with a broadcast of “Background Briefing” from June 10, 2013 and look into the post 9/11 Intelligence Industrial Complex following the latest leaks from an employee of an intelligence contractor Booze Allen Hamilton who in turn are owned by the Carlyle Group. A former CIA veteran Robert Baer joins us to discuss the real story that has been lost amid the familiar civil liberties versus national security arguments, and that is that the taxpayer is being swindled by multi-billion boondoggles that don’t work.


robert baer


Part 2

Then from August 13, 2013 we speak with one of America’s premier military experts who, along with the Washington Post’s Dana Priest, wrote the groundbreaking expose of the privatized national security state “Top Secret America”. William Arkin joins us to discuss his explosive follow-up “American Coup: How a Terrified Government is Destroying the Constitution”. We discuss his new book that describes the desk-bound takeover of the highest reaches of government by a coterie of “gray men” of the national security establishment that he calls the executive agents. We look into how doomsday has become every day in contemporary America as a result of the forever war and how the mechanism is already in place for an American coup that William Arkin warns about in this latest and most powerful reminder of our fading freedoms that we are trading away for a fictional guarantee of security.


william arkin


Part 3

Then finally from December 9, 2013 we look into the full page ad from the giant tech companies in The New York Times and Washington Post calling on the president and Congress to rein in the NSA. Marc Rotenberg, the President and Executive Director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), joins us to discuss the call for tighter controls on government surveillance in an open letter from AOL, Apple, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter and Yahoo, and the international blowback from NSA spying that is hurting American business.

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