December 25 - What do we Know About What's in the Negotiations over our Economic Future?; Some Hopeful Signs and Grim Challenges Ahead

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Part 1

We begin with an analysis of where the economic brinksmanship in Washington is likely to take us in the last few days before we are supposed to go over the so-called “fiscal cliff”. Economist Randall Wray, a Senior Scholar at the Levy Economics Institute at Bard College and author of “Modern Money Theory: a Primer on Macroeconomics for Sovereign Monetary Systems” joins us to discuss how little the American people actually know about these negotiations that could drastically effect our economic future. randall wray


Part 2

Then we discuss some of the more hopeful signs that our future could improve, as well as some of the grim challenges we face as a society in which school children are routinely massacred and nothing appears to be politically possible to fix this intolerable situation. Stephen Schwartz, a Senior Fellow at the Samueli Institute joins us to discuss the new report issued by the CIA’s National Intelligence Council on how the world will look in 2030 as well as how our money-driven politics can be changed so that all Americans, not just the rich, have a stake in a better future.

steven schwartz