December 25 - The Right Wing's Phony "War on Christmas"; Celebrating a Holiday in Which Materialism has Overwhelmed Spiritualism

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Part 1

On Christmas Day we look into the real meaning of Christmas and what it has to do with the frenzy of materialism that has been underway since Thanksgiving. Best-selling author Frank Schaeffer, who previously worked with such figures as Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Focus on the Family’s James Dobson, before breaking with the Religious Right his father helped create, joins us. We discuss the phony “war on Christmas” that the right-wing have created out of thin air as they rally to the support of a fellow “Christian”, the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty, whose hateful rhetoric they are defending in the name of the prophet of peace and love whose birthday is being celebrated today.

frank schaeffer


Part 2

Then we hear from Sister Ann Kendrick, one of the founders of the Hope Community Center in Apopka, Florida where she addresses the problems confronting migrant farm laborers in Central Florida. We discuss how she and the families of mostly undocumented immigrants celebrate Christmas, and the gulf between the material wants that overwhelm our culture and the spiritual needs that she ministers to the least among us, as and the gulf between the rich and poor widens in the land of plenty where just one family has a personal wealth equal to the entire wealth of 40% of all Americans.

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