December 24 - A Former Evangelical on the Phony War on Christmas; A "Christian" Nation Falling From Grace

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Part 1

Today on Christmas Eve we look into the religious significance of the Christian holiday Christmas as well as assess how “Christian” is this most Christian of nations, the United States in terms of the current political discourse that desecrates Christ’s invocation to “love thy neighbor”.  A best-selling author who previously worked with such figures as Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and James Dobson, Frank Schaeffer, whose parents Francis and Edith Schaeffer were world-famous evangelical speakers and authors, joins us to discuss his departure from the evangelical movement and explain why evangelicals support figures like Donald Trump whose religious credentials are dubious and whose rhetoric is decidedly un-Christian. We examine the historical role of religion in social movements that ended slavery and brought about civil rights that contrast with the current evangelical movement allied with the Republican Party that promote reactionary politics and racist, exclusionary policies that punish the “least among us”; the poor, people of color, refugees and women.


Part 2

Then we examine further the influence of the evangelical movement in this upcoming political year as Republican presidential candidates campaigning for the first primary in Iowa pander to the Religious Right. Matthew Sutton, the Distinguished Professor of History at Washington State University and author of “American Apocalypse: A History of Modern Evangelicalism” joins us to discuss how much the nation is falling from grace with the current ugly campaign rhetoric that is odds with the preaching and teachings of the prophet Jesus whose birthday Christian around the world are celebrating. We also discuss the paradox of the world’s most powerful nation, which outspends the world’s top 20 other nations combined in terms of investments in defense, yet lives in terror of a few thousand terrorists in the Middle East, with many fundamentalist Christians, just like their Muslim counterparts, invested in the “end of times” as they await the apocalypse.