December 17 - Is Trump About to Fire Mueller?; Could Democrats Become the Party of Anti-Trust and Economic Populism?; The Role of African American Women in Defeating Roy Moore

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Part 1

We begin with the increasing likelihood that President Trump will fire special counsel Robert Mueller, possibly as early as Friday in a desperate attempt to shut down the investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia.  AsCongressional Republicans and Fox News ramp up inflated rhetoric and invented charges to discredit Mueller, we are joined by Joe McLean, a veteran political strategist, to discuss his article at The Guardian “What is the Republican playbook for the Mueller investigation?" and whether in joining Trump’s cover-up the Republicans will succeed in the short term to avoid the damage of the public finding out their leader is a traitor, or will they be punished in the long term when the truth eventually comes out.



Part 2

Then we look into what outraged citizens can do to reverse last Thursday’s FCC vote to overturn net neutrality which effectively ended the free internet thus enabling oligopolies that provide internet access to begin discriminating based who can afford to pay for content as they lower the quality of service for those who can’t. Matt Stoller, who was recently fired from the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute for his criticism of tech monopolies, joins us. We look into how the “cableization” of the open internet will help monopolies consolidate their power, and, with 80 percent of registered voters opposing the decision, we will also discuss whether such unpopular legislation could backfire on Republicans at the polls and provide Democrats with a counter-message around anti-trust and closing the income gap to expose Trump’s corrupt and phony populism and recapture authentic economic populism.

Part 3

Then finally we speak with Anthea Butler, a Professor and Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania whose latest book is “From Palin to Trump: Evangelicals, Politics and Race”. She joins us to discuss the role of African/American women in the victory against Roy Moore in Alabama and the need for a sustained movement of the religious left, women and the 65% of Americans opposed to the president to get active and relentlessly demand Trump’s removal from office.

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