December 16 - The Bloodless Political Assasination of General Petraeus; How Syria is being Destroyed; A Survivor of America's Worst Gun Massacre Speaks Out

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Part 1

We begin with a veteran CIA officer who served in the Middle East, Robert Baer, and discuss the endgame of the Syrian civil war that is likely to intensify, as well as comment on the revival of the issue of the use of torture depicted in the new movie “Zero Dark Thirty”. We also examine the real reasons behind General Petraeus’s ignominious departure as head of the CIA in what amounts to a bloodless political assassination. robert baer


Part 2

Then we continue our examination of the Syrian tragedy as not just lives. but a country is being destroyed, with Charles Glass who was ABC News’ chief Middle East correspondent and is the author of “Tribes and Flags: Adventure and Kidnap in Greater Syria”. We discuss his article at the New York Review of Books “Aleppo: How Syria is Being Destroyed”.

charles glass


Part 3

Then finally, in the aftermath of the worst mass killing in America since the Virginia Tech massacre, we speak with Colin Goddard who was shot four times and was one out of seven of a class of seventeen to survive the Virginia Tech shooting, with three of the four bullets still in his body. With calls to revive the assault weapons ban, we discuss the NRA’s continuing role in preventing law enforcement authorities from correlating data on those with mental illness and those who are able to purchase military-style firearms.

colin goddard