Daily Briefing - Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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Steve Clemons directs the American Strategy Program at the New America Foundation and is also a Senior Fellow at New America, and previously served as Executive Vice President. Previously, Mr. Clemons served for seven years as Executive Director of the Japan America Society of Southern California, and co-founded with Chalmers Johnson the Japan Policy Research Institute, of which he is still Director. Steve Clemons writes frequently on matters of foreign policy, defense, and international economic policy. His work has appeared in many of the major leading op-ed pages, journals, and magazines around the world. He is the publisher of the popular political blog The Washington Note.


Dr. Trita Parsi is an adjunct professor of International Relations at Johns Hopkins Univerity's School of Advanced International Studies, co-founder and current president of the National Iranian American Council, the nation's largest Iranian/American organization.







Michelle Richardson is a legislative counsel with the American Civil Liberties Union Washington Legislative Office, focusing on national security issues such as the Patriot Act, warrantless surveillance and state secrets, open government, and congressional accountability and oversight. Before coming to the ACLU, Richardson served as counsel to Representative John Conyers, Jr. and the House Judiciary Committee, where she specialized in national security, civil and human rights and constitutional issues for the Democratic staff.