August 30 - Trump Takes Over the GOP Like a Warlord in a Failed State; Apple's Irish Tax Dodge; Turkey in a Secret Alliance With ISIS While It Attacks a US Ally, The Syrian Kurds

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Part 1

We begin with the complete capture of the Republican Party by the far right with Breitbart’s Stephen Bannon, Roger Ailes and Laura Ingraham now apparently running Trump’s campaign and speak with Will Saletan, the national correspondent for Slate who months ago likened Donald Trump to the GOP’s warlord who has taken over the Republican Party as if it were a failed state. He joins us to discuss the cowardice of the Republican establishment in not taking a moral stand against the alt-right’s racist appeals and hate speech and the growing evidence of unprecedented intrusion by Trump’s backer in the Kremlin Vladimir Putin into our election. We will look into the possibly of more to come in terms of foreign meddling in the November election, and how much the tables have turned on us, given the CIA’s long history of meddling in elections in the Third World, Japan and Europe.


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Part 2

Then, with the European Commission charging Apple with owing $14.5 billion in taxes it has not paid in Europe owing to a sweetheart deal it has with the government of Ireland, we speak with James Henry a Global Justice Fellow at Yale University and a Senior Advisor to the Tax Justice Network. We will discuss the peculiar response in criticizing the move by the E.U. from the U.S. Treasury that does not seem to be concerned that Apple is dodging U.S. taxes by its fictional operation in Ireland and how the battle between multi-national corporations and states is shaping up with Google, Facebook and Microsoft the likely next targets for parking their profits in Ireland.


Part 3

The finally we try to get some clarity on why the U.S’s most effective proxy in its fight against the Islamic State, the Syrian Kurds, are under military attack from America’s NATO ally Turkey following a recent meeting between Vice President Biden and Turkey’s President Erdogan at which Biden clearly got played. A former foreign policy expert and senior advisor to the State Department under presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama, David Phillips, the Director or the Peace-Building and Rights Program at the Institute for the Study of Human Rights at Columbia University, joins us to discuss Turkey’s intelligence service the MIT’s continuing secret arrangements with the Islamic State who are working with the Turks in their fights against America’s most effective allies in the region, the YPG Peoples Protection Forces of the Syrian Kurds. 

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