August 3 - Who is Behind the Biden Presidential Rumors?; The First National Limits on Power Plant Pollution; Veteran Investigative Journalist's Decades-Long Battle with UK Secrecy Laws

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Part 1

We begin with the growing speculation that Vice President Biden will enter the 2016 Democratic presidential race which is largely being generated by the media following a column by The New York Times’ columnist Maureen Dowd who quoted the late Beau Biden’s dying wish that his father run because “the country would be better off with Biden values”. Jacob Heilbrunn, a Senior Editor at the National Interest and a former senior editor at The New Republic and editorial writer for the Los Angeles Times, joins us to discuss whether Republican Clinton-haters and Democratic Clinton-haters like Maureen Dowd are concocting this story or whether the 72 year old Biden, who would be the oldest candidate to run for the presidency, is actually contemplating challenging Hillary Clinton.

Part 2

Then we look into President Obama’s announcement today, unveiling his Clean Power Plan that he called “the biggest, most important step we have ever taken” in dealing with climate change. Jody Freeman, the founding director of Harvard Law School’s Environmental Law and Policy Program and author of “Global Climate Change and U.S. Law”, joins us to discuss the first national limits to be imposed on power plants that are responsible for 40% of all U.S. global warming emissions. We address the impending blizzard of legal challenges and assess the prospects for a 32% cut by 2030 in carbon emissions from the power sector being implemented under the Clean Air Act.

Part 3

Then finally we speak with Duncan Campbell, a veteran British investigative journalist who has been battling his country’s Draconian secrecy laws for decades. He joins us to discuss changes made since the Snowden revelations and his article at The Intercept, “My Life Unmasking British Eavesdroppers”.