August 23 - Libyan Endgame and Filling the Political Vacuum; Libya in Ten Years?; Is Syria Next?

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Full Program



Part 1

We begin with the latest news from Libya and speak with Ali Abdullatif Ahmida, chair of the Political Science Department at the University of New England and author of “The Making of Modern Libya”.  We discuss the end game of the revolution that has toppled 42 years of dictatorship leaving many questions unanswered about what will fill the political vacuum in Libya. Ali Ahmida


Part 2

Then, we look further into Libya’s uncertain future and what Libya might look like in ten years. Daniel Serwer, a professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and a Scholar at the Middle East Institute joins us. He worked on post-war stability in the Balkans and we discuss the possibility of human rights abuses and retribution as well as who exactly are Libya’s National Transitional Council, and who do they represent. Daniel Serwer
Part 3
Then finally Ambassador Marc Ginsberg joins us. He is a former Presidential Advisor and U.S. Ambassador to Morocco and we look into the broader shifting landscape in the Middle East and how the fall of another dictator to the Arab Spring will impact Syria and its neighbors. Marc Ginsberg