August 2 - Trump Lays the Groundwork to Lose or Perhaps Exit the Election; What Would Happen if Trump Took a Walk?; The Republican Congress Has Created a Public Health Crisis With 14 Americans Now Infeted With Zika in Americac

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Part 1

We begin with the possibility that Donald Trump is laying the groundwork for withdrawing from the presidential race as his non-existent campaign self-destructs with daily disasters while his poll numbers continue their downward decline. Alan Lichtman, a political historian at American University who has studied both the American right and the presidency, joins us. The author of “The Keys to the White House: A Surefire Way of Predicting the Next President”, his prediction system has correctly predicted the outcomes of all U.S. presidential elections since 1984 and we will discuss whether Trump’s huge but fragile ego could handle an impending defeat and humiliation and that his frequent complaint that the election is “rigged” against him is the narrative he is creating to justify a future exit or defeat.

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Part 2

Then we speak with another historian of American elections to explore this unprecedented scenario and speak with Sean Wilentz, Professor of American History at Princeton University whose latest book is “The Politicians and the Egalitarians: The Hidden History of American Politics”. With President Obama calling Trump “unfit to serve” as president while trying to shame Republican leaders into repudiating their endorsements, we will look into what could happen if Trump walked off in a huff before the election, or assuming he gets elected, between the election and the inauguration, or after the inauguration, if as is often rumored, he only wants to win the presidency, not do the job of president.

Part 3

Then finally, with a travel warning now issued against Americans travelling to Miami, Florida where 14 people are now infected with the Zika virus from having been bitten by mosquitos in America that now carry the virus, we will examine the role of the Republican Congress in creating this avoidable public health crisis. Dr. Charles van der Horst, a Professor of Medicine at the University of North Carolina’s Center for Infectious Diseases joins us to discuss his article at The News and Observer, “Dawdling Congress means dangerous delay in Zika Fight” and the deliberate sabotaging of an already compromised Zika funding bill by House Republicans who attached riders against contraception and Planned Parenthood, along with pro-Confederate flag measures and a gutting of the Clean Water Act, to kill the bill and blame it on Democrats just before going on vacation until September 6, well after the emergency spending on Zika from the Ebola funds will run out.

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