August 10 - Wisconsin Recall in Perspective; Torture Goes To Trail; Child Poverty on the Rise

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Part 1

We begin with the latest news from Wisconsin with the recall elections that may be a bell- weather for national political trends in the coming election year. John Nichols, the Nation’s Washington editor and the associate editor of the Capitol Times in Madison Wisconsin joins us.

Part 2

We speak with Dahlia Lithwick who is a contributing editor at Newsweek and a senior editor at Slate. She covers the Supreme Court and judicial issues and we discuss recent rulings that might put Donald Rumsfeld, and by extension Dick Cheney, in jeopardy for their role in encouraging the use of torture.

Part 3

We examine the shocking growth of homelessness and hunger among America’s children, outlined in the State of America’s Children 2011, a recent report by the Children’s Defense Fund. We talk with one of the report’s authors, Marylee Allen who is Director of Child Welfare and Mental Health at the Children’s Defense Fund.