April 29 - The CIA as Karzai's Bagman; Riling up one Billion Muslims; The Latest Anti-intellectual Assault on Science

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Part 1

We begin with revelations in Monday’s New York Times that for decades Afghan President Karzai has been receiving tens of millions in secret monthly cash payments from the CIA. Christine Fair, a former United Nations political officer in Afghanistan, who is a Senior Fellow with the Counter Terrorism Center at West Point, joins us to discuss where the money went and what the U.S. got in exchange for these payments of taxpayer money. christine fair


Part 2

Then we speak with a former CIA Station Chief in Kabul, Afghanistan, Graham Fuller, who is the author of “The Future of Political Islam” and “A World Without Islam”. We discuss the legacy of our recent intervention in Iraq, which appears poised to resume a civil war, and Afghanistan, where, after the U.S. withdrawal in 2014 the country will likely revert to civil war. Having riled up one billion Muslims from our failed and futile interventions in Muslim lands, we examine the possibility of future blowback.

graham fuller


Part 3

Then finally, in remarks today on the 150th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences, President Obama promised to protect science research from politics at a time when Lamar Smith, the Texas Republican who is chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology is demanding that the National Science Foundation justify its research. Jon Cohen, who is a correspondent with Science Magazine and author of “Almost Chimpanzee: Searching for What Makes us Human, in Rainforests, Labs, Sanctuaries, and Zoos”, joins us to discuss the latest anti-intellectual assault on science.

jon cohen