April 25 - SCOTUS and the Show Me Your Papers State; A South Sudanese on China's Role in the Latest War; Can Mitt Romney Lie His Way to the Presidency?

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Part 1

We begin with today’s arguments before the Supreme Court on the Arizona Immigration Bill SB 1070. Former Special Policy Council for Immigration-Related Matters in the Civil Rights Division of U.S. Justice Department, Margaret Hu joins us. We discuss the Court’s apparent inclination to uphold controversial parts of the Arizona Law and testimony yesterday before the US Senate by the author of SB 1070.

margaret hu


Part 2

Then we look into what South Sudan sees as a declaration of war by Sudan, with Lako Tongun, a professor of International and Intercultural Studies at Pitzer College. He was born and raised in the world’s newest country, oil-rich South Sudan, already under attack by its northern neighbor.

lako tongun


Part 3

Then finally as Mitt Romney wraps up the Republican Presidential nomination and Newt Gingrich finally drops out of the race, we discuss the Romney campaign’s pivot to the center and its themes of restoring American “greatness” at home and abroad. Ben Adler, who covers conservative politics and the media at The Nation joins us. He has an article at The Nation ”Did Romney Buy the GOP Nomination?

ben adler
  MUSIC: Jose Gonzalez - Send Someone Away; Digital Mystics - Antiwar Dub; The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love