April 23 - The Atrocities Prevention Board Is Not An Afterthought; An Analysis of The French Presidential Election; Could Germany Leave The Eurozone?

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Part 1

We will begin with the President’s announcement today at the National Holocaust Museum that he was commissioning the first-ever National Intelligence Estimate on mass killings that his newly created Atrocities Prevention Board would not be treating “as an afterthought or a sideline in our foreign policy”. Rachel Gerber, who works on human protection and worked for the UNHCR and was present at the Holocaust Museum, joins us. The Stanley Foundation


Part 2

Then we will look into the results in the first round of French Presidential elections that seem to spell the end for Nicholas Sarkozy. Philipe Marliere joins us. He is a professor of French and European Politics at University College in London who studies the French Socialist Parties, French politics and European Social Democracy. We will discuss the alarming rise of the French right who got one fifth of the vote, largely from young French workers, 30% of whom are unemployed.



Part 3

Then finally as stocks plunged today in Europe and on Wall Street as a result of the French elections and the collapse of the Dutch government, we will revisit the malaise in the Eurozone where the cost of Spanish debt has reached unsustainable levels, austerity has proven to be disastrous, and there is no money for stimulus. The head of the Levy Economics Institute, Dimitri Papadimitriou joins us.

  MUSIC: Fionn Regan - Genocide Matinee; Ella Fitzgerald - I Love Paris; Lady Gaga - French Revolution