April 21 - Blurring the Line Between the Soldier and the Spy; How Cell Phones are Contributing to the Extinction of Our Closest Relatives; The Insiders Who Took on Big Pharma

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Part 1

We broadcast from the Los Angeles Times Book Festival on the campus of the University of Southern California and we begin with the issue of the day following the bombings in Boston, and the possibility that they may be “blowback” from the “War on Terror". Mark Mazzetti, a national security correspondent for The New York Times and author of the explosive new book “The Way of the Knife: The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth”, joins us. In 2009, he shared a Pulitzer Prize for reporting on the intensifying violence in Pakistan and Afghanistan and Washington's response. And the previous year, he was a Pulitzer finalist for reporting on the CIA's detention and interrogation program


mark mazetti


Part 2

Then we examine how cell phones are threatening our closest living relatives, the great apes, with Craig Stanford who is the co-director of the Jane Goodall Research Center at USC. His latest book, "Planet Without Apes," is about a tragic extinction that does not have to happen. The four living great apes are all precariously close to disappearing from the Earth, under threats, from forest loss, emerging diseases, and the demand for Coltan in electronic gadgetry. We discuss solutions that can help save the apes' existence on Earth into at least the next century.

craig stanford


Part 3

Then finally we speak with Kathleen Sharp about her book, "Blood Medicine: The Man Who Blew The Whistle on One of the Deadliest Prescription Drugs Ever". We look into the power of big Pharma in a ruthless pursuit of corporate profit at the expense of innocent patients. And the role, or lack thereof, of the Justice Department, whose current head, is a former partner in the law firm who defended the villain in Blood Medicine, Johnson & Johnson.

kathellen sharp