April 2 - The First International Treaty to Curb the Global Arms Trade; The "Monsanto Protection Act"; Canadian Tar Sands Crude Flows Through the Streets of Arkansas

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Part 1

We begin with the landmark passage today in the U.N. General Assembly of the Arms Trade Treaty, the first international treaty regulating the multi-billion dollar global arms trade. Louis Belanger, the spokesperson for controlarms.org, a coalition of activists who campaigned for a “bulletproof” treaty, joins us to discuss the treaty that Syria, Iran and North Korea tried to block and how it will be implemented. louis berlanger


Part 2

Then we speak with public health lawyer Michele Simon, the president of Eat Drink Politics about what is derisively being referred to as the “Monsanto Protection Act”, a rider inserted by Monsanto’s lobbyists in the recent must-pass continuing resolution that requires the Department of Agriculture to ignore any court ruling that would halt the planting of genetically engineered crops. We discuss how the Senate and the President folded and Michele Simon’s article at Food Safety News “Monsanto Teams Up with Congress to Shred the Constitution”.

michele simon


Part 3

Then finally we speak with Damon Moglen, the Climate and Energy Program Director at Friends of the Earth, about the rivers of oil flowing through the streets of the town of Mayflower, Arkansas. We discuss the impact of the spill of thousands of barrels of heavy Canadian tar sands crude oil from an Exxon pipeline built in the 1940’s and how this will effect the national debate on the Keystone XL pipeline that will carry the same oil across the U.S. from Canada to Texas.

damon moglen