April 18 - Sudan Declares War on the South; The Real Issues in the War on Women; The Story That Killed Dan Rather's Career and Helped Re-elect George W. Bush

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Part 1

We begin in and discuss what amounts to a declaration of war today on South Sudan by the Northern Sudanese leader General Omar Bashir, himself a war criminal indicted by the International Criminal Court. Sondra Hale, who has been visiting, studying and working in Sudan for the past 50 years, joins us to discuss an impending outbreak of war against the world’s newest country over contested oil fields the Chinese have developed. Sondra Hale


Part 2

Then we look into the so-called “war on women” that has been fanned by an overblown spat between Hilary Rosen and Ann Romney over working moms versus stay-at-home mums. The President of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, Dr Heidi Hartmann joins us to discuss the real issue obscured by this fatuous debate, which is that women are not paid equally for equal work. And given that 95% of women in America don’t have rich husbands and work for a living, the Ann Romney flap is not a women’s but a class issue.

Heidi Hartmann


Part 3

Then finally we speak with Joe Hagan who has an article at the Texas Monthly, “Truth Or Consequences”.  We revisit the pivotal “60 Minutes” story in the 2004 Bush/ Kerry campaign that could have contrasted the war hero Kerry with a draft dodger who, because of family connections, received favorable treatment to enter the Air National guard. Joe Hagan  answers the mysteries still surrounding the story that killed Dan Rather’s career and helped re-elect George W.Bush.

joe hagan
  MUSIC: South Sudan National Anthem; John Lennon - Woman is the "N" of the World; Jim O'Rourke - Prelude; Green Day - Favourite Son