April 15 - Rumors of Peace With Iran; "No One's World: The West, the Rising East, and the Coming Global Turn"; On Tax Day "Taxed by the Boss"!

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Part 1

We begin with an analysis of Saturday’s talks between the P5+1 and Iran in Istanbul that might avert another war in the Middle East since President Obama has warned that “the window for diplomacy is closing”. Colin Kahl, who was Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East at the Pentagon from 2009 to 2011, joins us to discuss a possible deal as the clock ticks on an Israeli strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. colin kahl


Part 2

Then we look ahead to the coming world with multiple centers of power and no global hegemon. Charles Kupchan, a former head of European Affairs on the National Security Council, joins us to discuss his new book “No One’s World: The West, the Rising East, and the Coming Global Turn” which makes the case we are entering a world of conflicting values and multiple paths to prosperity that not many Western policymakers and pundits want to contemplate, let alone prepare for.

charles kupchan


Part 3

Then finally on tax day, we speak with the nation’s leading expert on taxes and who pays them, David Cay Johnston.  A Pulitzer Prize-winning investigate reporter, he is a columnist for Reuters where he has an article “Taxed By The Boss”, a shocking expose that reveals how more than 2,700 of the biggest corporations like GE, GM, Goldman Sachs and Proctor & Gamble are collecting state income taxes from hundreds of thousands of workers and pocketing them, with the states’ approval.

david cay johnson
  MUSIC: John Lennon - Give Peace A Chance; Al Jolson - Sitting On Top of the World; Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A Changing; The Beatles - Taxman