April 14 - "Accompanying", not Observing the Venezuelan Elections; Antonio Gonzales Reports From Venezuela; Is Diplomacy Replacing Bluster in the Korea Crisis?

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Part 1

We begin and go to Caracas, Venezuela for an overview of today’s presidential election from Jennifer McCoy, the Director of the Carter Center’s Americas Program, who previously monitored and observed elections in Venezuela, but under the new rules for this election, is “accompanying” the election. With Hugo Chavez’s hand-picked successor Nicholas Maduro comfortably ahead of Henrique Capriles in the polls, we get a sense of how the election, described by many as “free but unfair”, is proceeding. jennifer mccoy


Part 2

Then we get a political analysis from the ground in Venezuela from Antonio Gonzales the President of the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project who hosts a weekly radio show here at KPFK, the “Strategy Session”. We discuss today’s voting and its likely outcome and get a flavor of the politics in this highly polarized country that recently experienced the death of its popular leader after 14 years of his Bolivarian Revolutionary rule.

antonio gonzalez


Part 3

Then finally we look into the latest developments in the Korean crisis that many expect will be inflamed further on the 101st anniversary the birth of the founder of North Korea Kim Il Song which falls on Monday April 15th, which is Sunday April 14 in the U.S. Paul Carrol, the Program Director at the Ploughshares Fund, which is dedicated to reducing the risk of nuclear conflict, joins us. We discuss Secretary of State John Kerry’s call for dialogue with the North while warning Pyongyang it risks further isolation if threats continue.

paul carrol