April 10 - An FCC Commissioner Speaks Out; Holding on to What has Not Been Corporatized and Commodified; Monsanto’s War Against Research into the Effects of GMOs

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Part 1

With the criminally disgraced media baron Rupert Murdoch threatening to buy the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune, we begin with an analysis of the media landscape from former FCC commissioner Michael Copps, the only dissenting voice on the FCC who opposed recent media mega-mergers. We discuss his article at The Nation “The New Telecom Oligarchs” and what citizens can do to hold onto the electronic commons and the free flow of information on the Internet. michael copps


Part 2

Then we  speak with Peter Barnes an entrepreneur and writer who started several successful businesses, including Working Assets, now Credo. He is the editor of a new book which the late Jonathan Rowe wrote, “Our Common Wealth: The Hidden Economy that Makes Everything Else Work” and we discuss the endangered commons; the air, water, wildlife and wilderness that are being increasingly corporatized and commodified and explore ways citizens can hold onto what we have left and create a balance between the commons and profit-driven capitalism.  

peter barnes


Part 3

Then finally we look further into the so-called “Monsanto Protection Act”, a rider in a must-pass continuing resolution that exempted the agricultural giant and manufacturer of “Agent Orange” from liability and lawsuits. Stephan Schwartz, a Senior Fellow at the Samueli Institute joins us. He as an article at Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing “The Great Experiment: Genetically Modified Organisms, Scientific Integrity, and National Wellness” and we discuss the suppression of research on lab rats fed with GMO grain that has resulted in tumors and infertility.

stephan shwartz