April 1 - Trump is Poised to Sell Out the Kurds and Reward Iran While Handing Syria to Putin; A Former Turkish Counterterrorism Police Chief Questions Whether Erdogan is Still a NATO Ally; Trump Threatens to Rip Up NAFTA and End DACA to Get His Wall

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Part 1

We begin with indications from President Trump that he is poised to act against American interests and reward Russia and Iran by abandoning America’s Kurdish and Free Syrian allies who have been the U.S. military’s most reliable “boots on the ground” in their fight against ISIS. Malcolm Nance, a career counterterrorism officer with the U.S. government’s Special Operations, Homeland Security and Intelligence agencies and author of “Defeating ISIS: Who They Are, How They Fight, What They Believe”, joins us to discuss how Trump is about to give ISIS a new lease on life just as they are on the brink of being finished off, allowing the terrorists to fight another day and infiltrate back to attack Europe. We assess why Trump would hand over Syria to Russia and Iran and engage is such strategic suicide and foreign policy malpractice since the small U.S. military footprint in Northern Syria occupies the valuable oil fields that Assad wants and also sits astride the land corridor that would link Tehran to Damascus.


Part 2

Then we look into whether Turkey is still a NATO ally since Erdogan is now engaged in military cooperation with Russia in Northern Syria as he attacks the Syrian Kurds who are fighting with the Americans against ISIS, forcing the Kurds to divert fighters from mopping up the jihadis to protecting their lands from a Turkish military onslaught. Ahmet Yayla, a Professor at the Center for Security Studies at Georgetown University who was formerly a counterterrorism police chief in Turkey, joins us to discuss Erdogan’s increasingly Anti-American rhetoric and posture as Turkey’s Islamic dictator cozies up to Vladimir Putin.

Ahmet S Yayla

Part 3

Then finally, with Trump spending the “Holy Week” Easter weekend with the “Make America White Again” zealot Stephen Miller in the absence of the adult supervision of General Kelly, we speak with Eric Olson, the Deputy Director of the Latin American Program and Senior Advisor on the Mexico Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. He joins us to discuss Trump’s tweets today in which he is threatening to use the leverage of ripping up NAFTA and ending DACA to get his border wall.

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