April 1 - Generation X and Y are Changing our Politics; Instead of Escalating, We Should be Engaging North Korea; The Aryan Brotherhood Declares War

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Part 1

We begin with an analysis of what is behind the changing political attitudes in the country on gay marriage and immigration. Princeton historian Julian Zelizer joins us to discuss his latest article at CNN “Generation X and Y start to rule politics”.
julian zelezier


Part 2

Then we speak with the former U.S. Ambassador and CIA Station Chief in South Korea Donald Gregg, who argues that rather than the show of force with B-2 bombers and F-22 fighters, the White House should be pursuing diplomacy with North Korea and negotiating a peace treaty instead of escalating the dangerous confrontation on the peninsula that could lead to a catastrophic war. Donald Gregg has an article at the Los Angeles Times “Reaching out to North Korea: Obama showed on his Middle East trip the power of direct presidential involvement. He should employ the same sort of diplomacy towards Pyongyang”.

donald greg


Part 3

Then finally we look into the murders of prosecutors in Texas linked to the Ayran Brotherhood of Texas and discuss the growing power and reach of this prison gang involved in racketeering, meth labs and murder. Mark Potok, the director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project and editor of its quarterly investigative journal “Intelligence Report” and the Hatewatch blog, joins us to discuss what amounts to a declaration of war on law enforcement by the Ayran Brotherhood.

mark potok