July 5 - A Call to Turn Independence Day into Inter-Dependence Day; U.S. Presidents Today Have More Power than George III Did in 1776; How Free Do African Americans Feel Today?

June 1 - The Patriot Act Crashes and Burns in the Senate; Caitlyn and a Growing Awareness of the Transgender Community; A Profile of the Latest Presidential Candidate, Senator Lindsey Graham

May 31 - Impasse in the Senate as the Patriot Act Sunsets; The Latest Scandal Involving a Closeted Gay Republican Politician; A War Between Israel and Hezbollah This Summer?

May 7 - The Latest Results of the U.K. Elections; NSA Bulk Collection Under the Patriot Act Struck Down; Greece Will Pay the IMF While Running Out of Money

February 23 - A Progressive Muslim's Open Letter to the New Saudi King; The Double Jeopardy of Corporate and Government Spying on Americans

November 23 - The P5+1 Deal with Iran is Better Late Than Never; The Former Commissioner of the INS on Obama's Immigration Overhaul; Why Reform of the NSA Failed

November 10 - The President Steps Up to Save the Internet; The Filmmaker Who Edward Snowden First Contacted

October 8 - Amy Wilentz sits in for Ian Masters

June 4 - The Senate Moves to Undo the Supreme Court's Permission to Buy Elections; The Real Costs of the Snowden NSA Leaks; States and Cities Move Ahead Raising the Mininum Wage