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February 14 - Israeli Police Recommend a Criminal Indictment of Prime Minister Netanyahu; South Africa's Corrupt President Steps Down; The Wall Street Takeover of the White House

August 8 - Is There a Method to Trump's Madness?; South Africa's Corrupt Leader Survives A Sixth No-Confidence Vote; The DOJ Reversal on Voting Rights

November 2 - Demonstrations Against South Africa's Corrupt President; Making Sense of the Swing in the Polls; Record Spending by Drug Companies to Kill Measure Bernie Sanders Supports

June 16 - What is Driving the Rachel Dolezal Story; Not a Defeat for the ICC But a Victory for African Lawyers; The Millions of Victims of Sudan's Dictator; Educating Main Street About How Much They Are Being Robbed By Wall Street

June 15 - Jeb Bush Makes His Presidential Race Official; South Africa's Government Defies Its High Court Allowing Sudan's President to Escape Arrest; What's Behind Obama's Trade Defeat

January 19 - A Martin Luther King Day Special Program