May 3 - Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Turnout Factor; "Baltimore: Race, Class and Uprisings"; Dysfunction at the Top in Saudi Arabia

April 28 - Riots, Arson and Looting in Baltimore; The Racial Divide in Baltimore; Missing Black Men in Freddie Gray's Neighborhood; The Supreme Court's Deliberations on the Same-Sex Marriage

April 8 - How a Cell Phone Video Changed a Police Narrative; Similarities Between Ferguson and North Charleston; "The Growing Criminalization of Poverty"

February 24 - Is Racism and Science Denial the New Republican Presidential Litmus Test?; Obama's Veto of the Keystone XL Pipeline; The Dramatic Sea Level Rise on the Northeast Coast

December 28 - Deeper Structural Racial and Economic Issues; The Militarization of Police Forces; "Dying While Black"; Another Failure to Indict a White Policeman Who Killed A Black Man Before the Eyes of the World

December 8 - The Torturers Circle the Wagons; Restoring Equal Justice and a Belief We Are a Just Society; A Former Senior Editor of the Former New Republic

November 26 - Separate Narratives in a Divided St. Louis, Missouri; Will We Take Putin's Bait?; Republican Plans for a Permanent $400 Billion Tax Break for Big Corporations

October 12 – Racial Politics in America; Keeping Racism Alive in Our Politics

August 19 - Regulating the Unique Life and Death Power of Police Who Have a License to Kill; The Author of "Mapping Decline: St. Louis and the Fate of an American City; Turf Battles Among Police on the Tenth Day of Protest in Ferguson

July 16 - The Latest Ceasefire in Gaza; The New BRICS Bank and U.S. and E.U. Sanctions on Russia; Xenophobic, Racist and Absurd Claims of Central American Children Carrying Diseases