March 4 - A Special Broadcast from Capitol Hill on the Possibility of the Supreme Court Gutting the Affordable Care Act

March 2 - "Has Netanyahu Gone too Far?"; "Kremlin Murder Incorporated"; The Failure of the Press to Explain the Steep and Sudden Rise of Gas Prices

February 25 - Shutdown of DHS Now In Boehner's Hands; Netanyahu "Destructive" to U.S.-Israeli Relations; The Religious Right's Crusade to Deregulate Political Spending

January 21 - The Republican's Deliberate Slap in the Face to Obama's SOTU; The Diplomatic Opening Underway in Havana, Cuba; Obama, the Democrats, and the "Inclusive Capitalism" Movement

December 30 - How and Why an Increasing Dangerous Middle East Dominated 2014; The Hope for Change in the Middle East

December 15 - 200 Nations Agree to the First Deal to Reduce CO2 Emissions; A Two Year Deadline at the U.N. For the End of Israeli Occupation; Modernizing the Nuclear Arsenal

December 3 - A Fourth Netanyahu Government in Israel; How Falling Oil Prices are Impacting Russia and Putin's Rule; Yet Another Failure to Indict a White Police Officer in the Killing of a Black Man

October 9 - Amy Wilentz sits in for Ian Masters

September 17 - The House Republican Follies on Capitol Hill; Comparing Spending on Climate Security and the Military; James Bamford on his Three Days in Moscow with Edward Snowden

August 26 - Secret Bombing of Libya and a Long Civil War Ahead; Public Support for Israel is Eroding in the U.S.; Saudi Responsibility for the Spread of Radical Islam Around the World