January 13 - Police Officers Charged with Murder; The Fall of Putin and Who or What Might Replace Him; Long Hours, No Vacations, Yet When We Are Idle, We Are the Most Creative

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  • November 17 - The Site for the Latest TV Beheadings;Maziar Bahari, the Subject of the New Film by Jon Stewart, "Rosewater"; How Much Went Missing of the $200 Billion for Military Contracting in Iraq & Afghanistan;The National Disgrace of Homeless Children

    November 6 - What is Behind the Record Low Turnout?; A Minimum Wage Raise Passes in 4 Red States as Democrats Run Away from the Issue; A 90 Year Old Chef and 2 Pastors Arrested for Feeding the Homeless

    October 5 - Spencer Downing Sits in for Ian Masters