Hillary Clinton

May 25 - Political Theater and the Real Problem of Government Cyber Security; "Plutocratic Equilibrium" and the Global Shrinkage of the Middle Class; The Trump Rally/Riot in New Mexico

May 15 - Declassified 9/11 Commission Investigation Examines Saudi Suspects; Sidney Blumenthal on President Lincoln and What is Happening to His Party Today

April 14 - Verizon's Massive Scam; Tom Hayden On Why He Now Supports Hillary; The Fed's Warning That 5 of the Biggest Banks Could Fail

March 1 - A National Broadcast of Ian Masters’ Coverage of the Super Tuesday Results on the Pacifica Radio Network

February 28 - Super Tuesday as a Critical Turning Point; The Contours of Hillary Clinton's National Campaign; Russia's Useful Role in Syria

February 9 - A National Broadcast of Ian Masters’ Coverage of the New Hampshire Primary Results on the Pacifica Radio Network

February 8 - A Young Millennial Feminist Supporter of Bernie Sanders; What Can Hillary do to Win Over Younger Female Voters?; "How the White House is Handing Victory to Bashar Al-Assad, Russia and Iran"

February 2 - The Youth Vote in Iowa's Close Democratic Caucus; The Quirky Nature of Iowa's Democratic Caucus; Fox News and ISIS are Driving a Wedge Between Muslims and the Rest of American Society

January 17 - Bernie Sanders Has Caught Hillary By Surprise; Could We End Up With Spoiled Brats Running Iran and Saudi Arabia?; A Volcano of Methane Continues to Spew Out in Los Angeles

December 20 - Israel's Assassination of A Notorious Hezbollah Militant; An Analysis of the Democratic Debate and the DNC's Efforts to Suppress Viewership; Why Is ISIL Dominating Our Political Discourse?