January 7 - The Global Impact of China's Stock Market Turmoil; The More Important Concern, China's Currency; Michigan's Governor Poisoned Children to Cut Costs

December 21 - The DNC's Successful Effort to Bury the Democratic Debates; Why Drugs Cost So Much More in the US; The Reporter Who Brought Down FIFA's Sepp Blatter

November 3 - The Chief Salesman of the Iraq War Dies; Big Sugar Versus Big High Fructose Corn Syrup; House Republicans Slip Bank Deregulation Into the Popular Highway Bill

October 28 - Trump Plays the Sectarian Card; US and Chinese Brinkmanship; New Dietary Guidelines Will Ignore WHO Cancer Warning About Meat Consumption

October 27 - The Budget Deal That "Cleans Out the Barn"; Processed and Red Meat are Carcinogenic; Saudi War Crimes in Yemen

April 16 - The Refugee Crisis in the Mediterranean; Republicans Move America Towards an Oligarchy; Anti-Vaxxers Stall Bill in California

October 2 - 440,400 Americans Die Every Year From Bad Hospital Care; Turkey's Parliament Approves Military Action in Iraq and Syria; A New Californian Gun Safety Law Spread Nationwide

September 8 - Ebola Spreading Out of Control in Liberia; The Exaggerated Fear of the Islamic State; Latino Fury at the President Delaying Immigration Reform