September 26 - The Vulnerabilities in Our Election System; Putin's Real Motive in Disrupting Our Election; Personality, Not Policy, Will Determine Who Wins the Upcoming Debate

July 31 - Is There a Majority of Reasonable, Rational, Educated and Decent People in America?; Does Putin Want Us, and in Particular Hillary Clinton, to Know He is Interfering in Our Election?; Could Russian Hackers Determine the Outcome of Our Election?

March 3 - An Analysis of How Romney's Strategy for Rubio to Win in Florida Could Work; Romney and Rubio's Hypocritical Involvement with Predatory For-Profit Colleges; Russia's Weaponizing of the Syrian Refugee Crisis

February 9 - The HSBC Swiss Bank Files Reveal Full Service Tax Dodging; Obama and Merkel and the Different Security Cultures in Germany and the U.S.; The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Goes After Payday Lenders