Donald Trump

August 18 - The GOP's Suicidal Attack on Latinos; The FDA Approves the So-Called "Female Viagra" Pill; Hillary Clinton's Lackluster Presidential Campaign

August 17 - A Mysterious Bombing in Thailand; Clinton Dogged By Scandal While it Rolls Off Trump; Amazon's Darwinian Work Practices

August 11 - A Witness to the Watts Rebellion 50 Years Ago; Ari Berman on His New Book Give Us the Ballot; Trump Keeps Winning in the Polls While Supposedly Losing the Nomination

August 10 - Pollution from Colorado's 32,000 Abandoned Mines and How it Affects Rivers and Streams; Trump Triumphs in Polls After the Contentious First Debate; Japan Restarts Nuclear Power

August 9 - The Battle Lines Between the White House and the Israel Lobby; The GOP Debate as the Culmination of the Tea Party Takeover of the Republican Party; Ferguson, Missouri One Year Later

August 6 - Anticipating the First Republican Presidential Primary Debate; Voter Suppression on the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act; Nuclear Danger on the 70th Anniversary of Hiroshima

July 21 - A Highly Decorated Former POW on Donald Trump; The Damage Done to Planned Parenthood by an Anti-Abortion Sting; Tariq Ali on his New Book "The Extreme Centre: A Warning"

July 1 - The Greek Tragedy Enters the Final Act; Opening Up Cuba While Protecting Its Environment; Republican Voters Reward the Racist Donald Trump in the Latest Polls

August 5 - Panic Over Ebola Generated by Ignoramuses Like Donald Trump; An American General Killed at Afghanistan's Equivalent of West Point; Africa's Corrupt and Entrenched Leaders at the Africa Summit