January 8 - Political Fallout in France From the Charlie Hebdoe Massacre; The Latest Brazen Attempt by Republicans to Reward Wall Street; How Congress Determines the Fate of the Presidency

January 6 - The Republican Clown Car Fails to Derail Boehner; Why Oil Prices are Dropping; The Syrian Refugee Crisis

January 5 - Markets Tank with Greece Poised to Leave the Euro; The Weaponization of Finance; The GOP 114th Congress; 80% White, 80% Male and 92% Christian

November 26 - Separate Narratives in a Divided St. Louis, Missouri; Will We Take Putin's Bait?; Republican Plans for a Permanent $400 Billion Tax Break for Big Corporations

August 3 - Obama's National Security Team at a Time of International Crises; Hamas Wins by Losing; Legislative Dysfunction

July 31 - The House Sues Obama Over His Executive Orders which are at a Historic Low; Millions of Argentines Must Satisfy an American Billionaire's Greed; The U.S. Hands Venezuela a Propaganda Gift