August 4 - An Expert on the History, Ecology and Management of Fire; The NSA Could Have Prevented 9/11; Who Will Make the Cut in the First Republican Debate?

July 12 - Austerity and the Greek Tragedy; The American Psychological Association's Collusion with the Bush-Cheney Torturers; A Drug Lord's Second Escape

May 13 - Cutting Amtrak's Funds Hours After a Tragic Derailment; The Double Standard with CIA Leakers; The Big Lies About Education "Reform"

April 29 - Republicans Block Efforts to Shield Military Families From Payday Lenders; Payouts by Cash-Strapped Baltimore for Police Brutality; The Only Person to Be Punished for the Bush/ Cheney Torture Regime

March 10 - Hillary Clinton's Press Conference on the Email "Scandal"; The Latest Scheme to Reorganize the CIA; Arkansas' Tea Party Senator Tom Cotton

February 12 - Yemen Falls Apart before Our Eyes; Republicans Demonize Food Stamp Recipients; A Veteran CIA Officer on What Went Wrong in Afghanistan

January 12 - How Terrorism "Experts" Keep Getting it Wrong; The Double Standard that Will Give Petraeus a Free Pass for Passing Classified Information to his Mistress; Why the Nigerian Government and Military Can't Combat Boko Haram

December 11 - Holding Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld Culpable for Torture; "Lords of Secrecy: The National Security Elite and America's Stealth Warfare; The Other Torture Report

December 10 - "The President Needs to Purge His Administration”; Holding White House Officials Responsible; From the Tyranny of Wealth to a Democratic and Sustainable Society

December 9 - The Polarized Reaction to the Torture Report; America's Torture Doctors; Will Shoddy Reporting Become an Excuse for Denying Campus Rape?