December 12 - From the Front Lines of Workplace Sexual Harassment; The Alabama Race Observed by a Former College Student Who Marched in Selma 52 Years Ago; The Fastest Decline in Arctic Sea Ice in 1500 Years

March 28 - Why Trump Will Not Clear the Air on Russia; Killing the Clean Power Plan and Censoring Science; The Impact of Trump's Reversal on the EPA

December 29 - A Blueprint For Cutting CO2 Emissions; A "Kayaktivist" Blocking A Shell Rig; A Report on the UN Climate Deal

September 28 - How Much Does the Islamic State Threaten Russia?; Criticism and Adulation for India's PM Modi; Did VW Damage the Environmental Movement?

August 31 - Obama's Mixed Message in Alaska; Behind the Sentencing of Journalists in Egypt; The Ugly Face of Ukrainian Nationalism

July 29 - The World Mourns Cecil the Lion; "Kayactivists" Block Shell on Icebreaker; If Mullah Omar Has Been Dead for Two Years, Who is Negotiating for the Taliban?

May 11 - Seymour Hersh's Bombshell Revelations on Bin Laden's Death; Furthur Analysis of the New Information on the Killing of OBL; The White House Allows Shell Oil to Drill in Alaska's Arctic Sea